Ford Bed Bolts and U-Nut, Problem solving Bed Bolt and U-Nuts for Ford F250SD, F350SD, F450SD, F550SD 2016 – 1999, M14-2.0 x 108MM 40MM 23MM 8MM Allen

Original bolts & u-nuts are difficult to remove due to rust and the type of threading used at the factory.
Ford uses self-threading tri-lobular bolts called TAPTITE2000.
The bolts are driven down with a special tool into a u-nut attached to the frame that is not threaded.
These bolts require the use of a T-50P torx plus socket (do NOT use a T-47 or a standard T-50).
Once the bolts and clips rust/oxide they are nearly impossible to remove and often need to be cut off.
Auveco’s replacement bolt and u-nut.
Standard threaded bolt and mating u-nut Auveco # 25041 do not require the need of special tools.
Bolts follow the head and shaft contours of the O.E. bolt which allow them to duplicate the original fit & function.

Units Per Pkg: 2