Auveco Body Hardware Master Program – 6600BHM
Auveco presents a complete program that provides a body shop with All the Popular Body Hardware and Specialty Fastener Items (both domestic and foreign) in heavy gauge steel, pre-labeled and pre-loaded large drawers and cabinets. Based on Auveco’s DB-425 Display Boards, the Body Hardware Master Program (part number 6600BHM) contains one unit package box quantity each of 405 part numbers and two unit package box quantities of the other top 20 items that make up the DB-425. Thats over 21,000 pieces.

The 6600BHM also includes a subscription to Auveco’s FasTrack Web Cost Recovery Software. FasTrack Web is a user friendly program designed to assist collision repair shops in recouping the cost of body hardware clips and fasteners used in vehicle repair.

The Body Hardware Master program now includes vehicle specific application (from Acura to VW) drawer assortments as well as universal types of product assortments (rivets, tees and connectors, cap screws, etc.). See below.

This set includes 20 drawers, all of the fasteners and the 5 cabinets to hold the drawers.

These 20 Assortments Are Included
6601BHM Small Retainers and Retaining Clips. 24 varieties, 795 pieces.
6602BHM Large Retainers. 22 varieties, 965 pieces.
6603BHM Hood Insulation Retainers, Trim Panel Fasteners and Rubber Vacuum Caps. 16 varieties, 440 pieces.
6604BHM Push-Type Retainers. 24 varieties, 445 pieces.
6605BHM Push-Type Retainers. 24 varieties, 492 pieces.
6606BHM Push-Type Retainers, Nylon Rivets and Specialty Rivets. 24 varieties, 680 pieces.
6607BHM Specialty Rivets, Double End Drill and Molding Clips. 24 varieties, 925 pieces.
6608BHM Molding Clips and Fasteners, Plug Buttons and Wire Loom Clips. 22 varieties, 840 pieces.
6609BHM Phillips Oval Head, Phillips Pan Head and Specialty Tapping Screws, (Chrome and Zinc). 24 varieties, 2,400 pieces.
6610BHM Phillips Oval Head Sems® (Chrome and Black Phosphate) and Hex Washer Head (Zinc and Zinc and Yellow) Tapping Screws. 24 varieties, 1,825 pieces.
6611BHM Phillips Oval Head (Black Oxide), Phillips Pan Head (Black Oxide) and Specialty Tapping Screws (Black E-Coat). 24 varieties, 2,175 pieces.
6612BHM Phillips Flat Top Washer Head (Black), Hex Head Sems® (Black) and Hex Slotted Head (Black) Tapping Screws. 23 varieties, 1,750 pieces.
6613BHM Hex Head Sems® and Hex Washer Head Body Bolts (Black). 21 varieties, 810 pieces.
6614BHM Hex Head Sems® and Hex Washer Head Body Bolts (Zinc), Bumper Bolts and Specialty Fasteners. 12 varieties, 445 pieces.
6615BHM Spin Lock Nuts, Hex Flange Nuts, Free Spinning Washer Nuts, Jack Nuts® and Well Nuts®. 23 varieties, 705 pieces.
6616BHM Nuts, Spring Type U Nuts and Extruded U Nuts. 23 varieties, 965 pieces.
6617BHM Flat Nuts, U Nuts, Tubular Nuts and Shims 11 varieties, 950 pieces.
6618BHM Washer Lock Nuts, Thread Cutting Nuts, Push-On Retainers and Pushnut Bolt Retainers. 23 varieties, 2,300 pieces.
6619BHM Nylon Nuts and Screw Grommets. 23 varieties, 860 pieces.
6620BHM Door Hinge Pins and Bushings, Headlight Hardware, Door Lock Rod Clips, Window Crank Handle Retaining Clips and Cable Straps. 14 varieties, 336 pieces.

These 29 Assortments Are Not Included But Are Available For Your Specific Fastener Needs
6621BHM Mercedes-Benz Clips and Fasteners. 24 varieties, 665 pieces.
6622BHM BMW Clips and Fasteners. 14 varieties, 565 pieces.
6623BHM Honda and Acura Retainers and Retaining Clips. 24 varieties, 595 pieces.
6624BHM Honda and Acura Push-Type Retainers. 24 varieties, 360 pieces.
6625BHM Nissan and Infiniti Retainers and Push-Type Retainers. 24 varieties, 525 pieces.
6626BHM Toyota and Lexus Retainers and Retaining Clips. 24 varieties, 550 pieces.
6627BHM Toyota and Lexus Push-Type Retainers. 24 varieties, 316 pieces.
6628BHM Oil Drain Plugs and Gaskets. 24 varieties, 105 pieces.
6629BHM J.I.S. Hex Flange Bolts and Spin Lock Nuts. 21 varieties, 550 pieces.
6630BHM Nylon Connectors and Rubber Vacuum Caps. 24 varieties, 310 pieces.
6631BHM Krimp and Seal Terminals and Connectors. 24 varieties, 240 pieces.
6632BHM GM, Ford and Chrysler Push-Type Retainers. 12 varieties, 400 pieces.
6633BHM Metal Specialty Rivets. 24 varieties, 850 pieces.
6634BHM Large Size Metric Cap Screws, Nuts and Washers. 12 varieties, 380 pieces.
6635BHM Small Size Metric Cap Screws, Nuts and Washers. 14 varieties, 925 pieces.
6637BHM Nylon Rivets. 16 varieties, 475 pieces.
6638BHM GM Molding Clips. 24 varieties, 415 pieces.
6639BHM Hyundai and Kia Clips and Fasteners. 20 varieties, 455 pieces.
6640BHM Volkswagen and Audi Clips and Fasteners. 24 varieties, 595 pieces.
6641BHM Cable Ties and Straps. 10 varieties, 575 pieces.
6642BHM Large Size Grade 5 USS Cap Screws, Nuts and Washers. 8 varieties, 650 pieces.
6643BHM High Performance Imported Miniature Bulbs. 24 varieties, 240 pieces.
6644BHM High Performance Imported Miniature Bulbs. 23 varieties, 230 pieces.
6645BHM High Performance Imported Halogen Bulbs. 24 varieties, 24 pieces.
6646BHM Subaru Clips and Fasteners. 24 varieties, 450 pieces.
6647BHM Mazda Clips and Fasteners 24 Varieties, 560 Pieces
6648BHM Mitsubishi Clips and Fasteners. 24 varieties, 520 pieces.
6649BHM Small Size, Grade 5 USS Cap Screws, Nuts and Washers. 8 varieties, 1,150 pieces.
6699BHM High Performance Imported Miniature and Halogen Bulbs. Contains 6643BHM, 6644BHM, 6645BHM, one 1-924 24 Compartment Empty Drawer and one 2-96 Four Drawer Cabinet. 71 varieties, 494 pieces.

Units Per Pkg: 1 Set